I can Draw or paint your existing structure and/ or landscape.  I can do interiors and exteriors.  I can do this from a picture, or be on site.  I can also take ideas or concepts, and embody them into a image.  (That's what I do as a designer!)  This is truly helpful if you are trying to raise money, and need a visual representation of what you are trying to build.   They are also great Christmas cards, housewarming gifts, real estate flyers, etc.

Please see the examples below to get an idea of my style:


  • 6x8"                    black ink $150.00     watercolor $250.                           
  • 8x10"                  black ink $250.00     watercolor $400.
  • 9x12"                  black ink $325.00     watercolor $500.
  • Larger sizes can be estimated upon request.