PROJECT: commercial interior design for yoga studio

SITE: 155 SW Century drive, suite 113, bend Oregon. This site has minimal highway visibility, and is within a homogenous looking strip-mall. The site already had it.s necessary parking and city infrastructure requirements met. The 1761 square foot envelope was existing- including store front windows and acoustic ceiling.

CONCEPT: The client appeared to have opposing requests; privacy from autos and pedestrians, but maintain a unique storefront that would attract inquiry from the street. Create an intimate environment for socializing, but also maximize the space for a generous retail experience. Privacy and serenity within the yoga studio, yet invite intrigue into itús space. To accomplish this in an existing rough envelope, I created intrigue with translucent, lighted panels, and formed the public space using arcs that are in a golden ratio to each other. The store windows were covered with a translucent film, and metal panels of iconic yogi symbols and patterns were hung in front of the windows. The theme was carried through to the light sconces.
SUSTAINABLE ELEMENTS: Cork flooring, installed using 0 VOC glue. Low voltage LED lighting. Sustainable site by LEED standards.