Fibonacci House

PROJECT: A house ordered around the Fibonacci sequence
SITE: Sisters, OR
The site is ten acres with a beautiful view of the Sisters mountain range. There are 12-15` tall junipers littering the site, which obstruct the view from ground level. I decided to place the public program up half a story to provide a view.
CONCEPT: Jim Crow is a plumber, Alaskan bush pilot, and mechanic. Caroline Crow is a yoga master, nurse, and erudite hippie, who creates amazing native american masks, and other artwork. Both of these people have followed their passions throughout life, and have constantly moved where they needed to do what they wanted. Their souls seem to constantly be flowing upward. The whole house moves around a central spine, and all spaces flow off of it. The spine is a representation of their different careers and passions, with art niche`s for Caroline`s work, and large vaulted spaces for Jim`s model airplanes. At each few steps you can move off the flow, and have a different perspective of the mountains as you rise each half level. The climax of the spiral upward is a loft overlooking the living spaces, and provides an understanding spatially of where you came from.
SUSTAINABLE ELEMENTS: Danny Richter was the builder for this project, and he tediously builds cabinets and doors to make sure they are built with the best recycled wood. He personally went to the forest and selected the fallen trees to harvest for the project. The floors are radiant heat with a high efficiency propane boiler.